This is a quick reference site for anyone suffering
from gallbladder or gallstone problems.

The best guide we've found on the subject can be found here: Click Here!

If you've got gallstones or a gallstone or think you might have gallstones symptoms (knowing the symptoms of gallstones is not always easy) you might be looking for a gallstones diet that may help with gallstone treatment or the treatment of gallstones.

There are many people that want to avoid gallstone surgery so alternative healing of gallstones has grown in demand are as it is in many other areas of healing, not just for gallstones.

In our search for a natural remedy for gallstones, we have found many guides that include lists of foods to avoid for gallstones and proliferate many a gallstone remedy to help us getting rid of gallstones naturally.

Some of these guides and suggested diet for gallstones are really useful, some not so useful.In our quest for finding out how to get rid of gallstones and to avoid another gallstone attack,it is important to first determine what causes gallstones and then find out if gallstone treatment can be helped by following the right diet for gallstone trouble, including which foods to avoid with gallstones.

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General Information

Health A-Z is a good information resource with general information on gallstones.

BUPA have a good fact-sheet here.

You can also join BUPA here.

The NHS has some information here as well.

More detailed coverage can be found at The British Liver Trust.

If you can cope with some surgical pictures, try here

Downloadable Gallstone Information

There are a lot of guides written by different people around the world (although mainly in the US) about how to relieve Gallstone pain without medicine. They seem to compete with each other by rubbishing each other’s claims. We’ve bought and read most of them – in our opinion, any information on the subject is good because it helps you form your own view because no-body knows your body better than you do.

Our favourite one is Gallbladder Relief – the website is a bit of a sales pitch, but the information is useful and worth the money. Currently costs $29.97 (about £17).

Books on Gallstones:

Amazon is one of our favourite resources for all health-related books. These are the ones related to Gallstones:

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